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We specialize in providing authentic street food experience to our customers, along with excellent customer service. Our food is fresh, fast, and fantastic. Our mission is to create a clean and hygienic place to elevate the customer experience. Having various types of South Asian street food under one roof, we are the one stop shop for all your cravings. We offer flavorful street food, variety of Lassi, Shakes, and Falooda, and digestive mouth freshener Paan. Visit us now or place an order online.


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Paan is a symbol of love, happiness and hospitality. People have been serving paan as a gesture of greeting. There are a lot of factors that make paan stand out of the mainstream.


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We have all types of regional street foods which you won’t find these many varieties all in the same place.

falooda & more

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We are specialized in making falooda. Falooda is a popular Ice cream dessert made with vermicelli, jelly, rose syrup, sabja seeds, milk and ice cream.


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Sweet Paan
Sweet Paan, made of betel leaves filled with a range of sweet jam-like spreads and crunchy titbits like tutti-frutti, cherries, chopped dates, etc.,
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Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a spiced mixture of mashed vegetables in a thick gravy served with a soft bread roll

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Maska Bun
Bun Maska is a popular bread served at Iranian cafes in Mumbai. The bun is a soft bread while maska is homemade makhani or butter.
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Dabeli an extremely popular gujarati street food snack recipe made with indian pav bread and stuffed with a unique blend of masala.