Junction Foods

Our Story

Junction Paan restaurant is specialized in serving delicious street food and Paan .Paan after a scrumptious meal is a must for everyone. The quintessential Paan has been around for generations and it is believed to be from the 15th century in Asian countries. There are many different Paans with fascinating varieties. But the one thing that is constantly evolving is the innovative ingredients that most of Paans now experiment with. Making delicious Paan is truly an art. Every Paan has a unique style of Paan making and uses different ingredients for the stuffing i.e. Betel Leaves, Kaththa, Gulkand (Rose Petal Syrup), Saunf aka Fennel Seeds, Candied Cherries, Meethi.
At Junction Paan you can find different types of falooda, juices and all regional street food which are very famous in India. It’s no wonder loyal fans keep coming back to eat the food that is promised to be “well made” and “good quality.”